Interest Groups

Interest Groups

There is a wide variety of Interest Groups for members to choose from. Your membership entitles you to join as many groups as you would like as long as there are vacancies. These groups have been developed and led by members over time. Everyone is welcome.  We also encourage people to suggest a group to add to this list.

December 2020: This page will be updated when Groups for 2021 have been finalised.


The group meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 2.00 pm. An informal get-together to discuss books we have read, are reading or would like to read.
Contact:  Ann Harris – 387 3331

Creative Writing

The group meets on alternate Thursday mornings. Participants work towards developing short stories.
Contact: Allison Simpson – 973 9554

Discussion Group

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 2.00 pm.
Discussion is based on current news in newspapers and media.
Contact: Helen Orchard – 387 3533

Eating Out 1

Outings are on the second Wednesday of the month. This group visits restaurants around Wellington. New intending participants please phone the organiser for that outing.
Contact: TBA

Eating Out 2 – Bon Appetit

Meets on the third Wednesday of the month. Various venues.
Contact:  Jenny Fellows – 970 2868

Famous and Infamous People 

Meets on the third Thursday of the month.
Contact:  Jenny Fellows – 970 2868

Film and Discussion Group (FaD)

Visits are on the second Saturday of each month at various theatres around Wellington.
Contact: Noeleen Chadwick – 386 2350

Fourth Wednesday Series

Meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month 1.30 – 3.00 pm.
Contact: TBA

Get In Line

Social Line Dancing Classes are held each Thursday 11am-12-15pm. $3 per session. Come along – it’s going to be a lot of fun.
“During the first year of my retirement the best things have been freedom and line dancing”.
Contact: Diana East – 970 8177

Green Fingers Gardening

Meets on the third Wednesday of the month. This group aims to share a variety of gardening experiences, talks, garden visits, and opportunities to exchange plants.
Contact: Esmae Erb – 388 2567


Games are played weekly on Mondays 1.15pm – 3.00pm. Tuition is available for new players.
Contact: Beverley Newton – 970 2972


Play takes place weekly on Mondays 10.30am – 12 noon, weather and condition of court permitting. There is a charge of $3 a day per person
Contact:  Val and Linsay Norrish – 972 0507


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, commencing at 10.30am. The group decides on the poet for each month and each member brings his or her research and comments. No previous experience necessary
Contact:  Jenny Fellows – 970 2868

Theatre Group

This group attends stage productions when a suitable play is being performed; usually once a month at 4.00pm at Circa Theatre. The cost is now $30.
Contact: June Inkpen – 388 9168

Travellers’ Tales

Meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month 1.30pm – 3.00pm.
Contact:  Anne Johnstone – 387 2244


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